The best hi-tech luggage

Gone are the days when a combination lock and four wheels on your case made it top of the range. Now, from GPS tracking to USB charging ports, there's a new breed of luggage designed with the needs of tech-savvy travellers in mind. Technology writer and expert Derek Adams gives The Faster Track the lowdown

The future classic

The  Trunkster Spinner (from £213) represents luggage's future, with a gamut of electronics and a revolutionary sliding rolltop door that allows instant access to all its contents. The in-bag kit includes two USB ports for charging mobile devices, an integrated digital scale and a telescopic handle for easy manoeuvrability. Add in GPS and GSM tracking technology, and you'll never need to visit Lost and Found again. Expected this autumn, the Trunkster comes in two sizes: a 55cm carry-on (43 litres) and a 69cm (86 litres) checked-in suitcase.


The trackable case

This new carry-on from  Bluesmart  (£209) uses an iOS or Android app to govern a multitude of features. The TSA-authorised digital lock is controlled using the app and, if the case should wander off, it automatically locks itself and sends you a text alert. You can even track the case using the app's built-in, map-based software. The lightweight case has an integrated digital scale to transmit its current weight to your mobile device, plus two USB ports. Like the Trunkster, it allows for easy access to laptops and tablets to go through security. Expect it to hit the concourse this year. 


The drama-free carry-on

Save time during security checks by having your laptop and tablet readily accessible. The  Briggs & Riley Torq (£379) features a lockable front compartment for tech and travel essentials. One touch unlocks the hinged front pocket. The case has a TSA-friendly combination lock and easily meets BA's cabin dimensions; enough capacity (36 litres) for a three-day trip. 


The backpack with benefits

The uncluttered design and quality materials used for the  Osprey Cyber Port Backpack (£70) make it stand out. But the best is a front flap that lifts up to expose a clear TPU-covered tablet sleeve, meaning full finger-swipe access to your tablet's screen. An ultra-comfy shoulder harness, breathable rear mesh panel and neatly tapered zips complete the package. 


The pop-up wardrobe

If you're on a whistlestop business tour with no time to pack and unpack, you'll want the  Rise Roller (£130). It looks like any other pull-along, duffle-style travel bag until you open it up. Inside you'll find a collapsible shelving system replete with laundry compartment. When you arrive at your umpteenth hotel, simply open the bag and hang the whole thing up in the wardrobe. It weighs a portly 4.1kgs, but has a huge capacity of 88 litres.