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What does the Apple Watch mean for travel?

British Airways is one of the first companies to have a dedicated app on the new Apple Watch. But it’s not just flights that can be arranged with a flick of the wrist. From checking into your hotel to hailing a taxi, discover the others apps a savvy traveller should know about


Pack lighter

Forget lugging around a folder full of flight itinerary print-outs, the BA app on the Apple Watch features a ‘glance’ screen that shows a summary of your flight details. This includes flight status and a countdown to departure, so you can be up to date in a blink. 


Relax before your flight

No more frantically trying to find your gate at the last moment – the BA app pushes timely check-in and airport gate notifications to your wrist when you travel through Heathrow T3 and T5. And using iBeacon technology, your Apple Watch will alert you to the Wi-Fi password as soon as you enter the lounge at T5.


Enjoy speedier hotel check-in

Starwood, which includes Sheraton, Westin and W in its portfolio, has created an app that allows you to check in, locate your room and unlock your door, all with a flick of the wrist. 


Reviews at your fingertips

Search for restaurants and landmarks, and see what other people are saying about them, with the TripAdvisor app. The watch can also use your location to recommend attractions.


Collect Avios

The Avios app enables Members to see their balance and showcases ways to collect and use Avios on the go. Collect while making purchases at retailers including Tesco, Shell and Laithwaite’s, and book flights by redeeming Avios.


Whiz around an unfamiliar city

Citymapper is a real-time transport app for cities such as New York, LA, London, Paris, Madrid, Rome and Berlin. It helps you find the quickest route via public transport, and uses your location to guide you to the nearest station or bus stop.


Book a taxi

Ubiquitous taxi service Uber is now on the Apple Watch as well as your smartphone. It works in the same way – use it to request a car, read ratings and view photos of the vehicle, driver and licence plate.


Learn the lingo

Searching for the right word at a foreign airport or restaurant? Babbel uses your location to display words that might be useful. At an airport it will automatically serve up the words for ‘departure’ and ‘luggage’, while in a restaurant you will be sent a foodie glossary.