Alan Eley, vice president, New York JFK

Faster Thinking

Meet the vice president: Alan Eley

The man at the heart of BA’s New York operation on the latest BBC documentrary and why he’d run a luxury beach hotel if he wasn’t the vice president at New York JFK

How do you think BA was portrayed in the BBC documentary?
Extremely well. Viewers got real insight into the inner working of Britain’s flag carrier both at Heathrow and across the globe.

And the BA team at JFK?
We are a unique, diverse group with a passion for delivering an exceptional customer experience. I believe this was evident, even during one of the worst winters on record.

What’s the next big thing for BA at JFK?
We always look to improve performance and increase customer satisfaction and you will see continued investment in upgrading many of our customer touchpoints.

What has been your best moment at BA?
A customer recently tweeted about how I had taken care of them in LA during the ash cloud crisis. Moments when I have been able to make a difference are my real highlights.

If you hadn’t joined BA, what would you be doing now?
I am absolutely passionate about customer service. I believe I would be running a luxury hotel on an idyllic, tropical beach.