The Faster Track

New fleet, more routes

Why British Airways’ growing fleet will allow more long-haul capacity on its existing aircraft

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Homepage_KeithWilliams(H) Faster Thinking

A landmark year

Keith Williams, British Airways’ chief executive, talks new planes, new routes and his new role for 2014

Homepage_Snowdonia Faster Travel

The roads less travelled

A Le Mans racing champion and two top motoring journalists take us on a spin of nine exhilarating drives around the world

Homepage_Basnett Faster Flying

Jumbo versus Super-Jumbo

The Boeing 747 or Airbus A380? Captain James Basnett gives us a view from both flight decks

Homepage_450552161(H) Faster Travel

Austin: where weird works

How the Texan capital - a new daily route for British Airways - used its unique brand of innovation to take on the Silicon Valley

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