Baker’s Bay on Great Guana Cay in the Bahamas

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Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown stepped down from her eponymous make-up and skincare empire late last year. She reveals her travel highs and reveals why she’s turning her attention to the art of hotel design

What’s your next big adventure?

I’m opening a 32-room boutique hotel in my current hometown of Montclair, New Jersey – 12 miles west of New York City. It’s called The George Inn and will have all the things I miss when I travel. My husband is a developer and bought the property, but for me it will be a bit of a showroom for all the things I’m working on.

Were you inspired by hotels you’ve stayed in?

Décor-wise my taste is comfortable, eclectic and British. I love New York’s Crosby Street Hotel, where each room is different.

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New York’s Crosby Street Hotel, where each room is different

What do you look for in a hotel?

It has to be comfortable, with lots of space and friendly staff who are happy to tell you where to go. I’m a huge fan of The Connaught in London. I’ve never stayed in a hotel with better service. I love everything about it.

Which destination is on your bucket list?

Any of those beautiful, over-water, stilted villas in destinations such as Bali or Tahiti. I’ve always wanted to experience that kind of place.

Which view has blown you away?

The view from Baker’s Bay on Great Guana Cay in the Bahamas. I own a house there and it’s the most beautiful place on earth.

What’s been your biggest adventure?

My family and I recently went on a trip through South Africa and Botswana. We did everything: biking, hiking and jeep safaris. We’d wake up and see gorillas outside our door. It was amazing.

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Your favourite overseas restaurant?
I love Scott’s in London (pictured). Their Dover sole is like no other.

What’s your must-pack travel item?
A zip-lock bag filled with my ‘remedies’. Things such as peppermint tea and ginger, in case I get a stomach ache.

What type of traveller are you?

Very low-maintenance. I’ll take only clothes and shoes I can walk and exercise in. I don’t even pack high heels any more.

What’s your favourite type of holiday?
I don’t care where it is, but my favourite holiday is whenever I’m with my whole family. I’ve never travelled solo – there’s always someone with me. I’ve never even been to a spa by myself.

Bobbi Brown’s book, Beauty from the Inside Out (Chronicle Books, £16.99), is out now

Interview by Tamara Hinson