The new facial recognition gates at Terminal 5

Faster Flying

Boarding just got faster

Facial recognition first at Heathrow Terminal 5

British Airways has become the first airline to invest in the installation of automatic biometric boarding gates. The highly advanced system uses facial recognition technology to smooth the boarding process, increase safety and security and allow customer service agents more time to focus on individual customer issues in the pre-boarding area.

A digital facial scan is recorded when you pass through security. When you arrive at the gate, your face is matched with this image when you present your boarding pass – allowing you to board the aircraft. The new gates have already been installed at Terminal 5 for domestic flights and will be rolled out across all routes.

For customers arriving at Terminal 5 and transferring to a UK domestic flight, the airline has also introduced five new Automated Ticket Presentation (ATP) desks in the flight connections area to make the experience as seamless as possible. Following the successful installation of Automated Ticket Presentation (ATP) gates at T5A Fast Track in March, the five new gates have replaced three manual desks to increase capacity and speed up the connection process.

Eddie Harford, manager Heathrow customer operations, says: A large proportion of our customers connect through Heathrow, so its extremely important to make sure the experience is as fast and convenient as possible.”

The T5 Connections refresh is due to be completed in June this year when an upgraded international to international zone, featuring new touchpoint kiosk technology, will be opened.