The Club Sandwich: the best thing since sliced bread?

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Reborn bread

The quest to rehabilitate the Club Sandwich

The Club Sandwich is the staple food of the international traveller. It’s the item on the room service menu you reach for when you’re too tired to think of anything else. And all too often the thing they bring up to the room is pretty tired itself: soggy bread, limp lettuce, cold fries.

When it launched two years ago our sister website, The Club, embarked on a serious mission: to find the world’s best Club Sandwich.

So every month, The Club has asked some of the world’s best chefs to come up with new, improved and sometimes radical recipes for the humble Club Sandwich.


Marcus Wareing’s Club Sandwich: “It can be as enjoyable as a gourmet meal”

British chef Marcus Wareing challenged the view that you have to use chicken or turkey with his pulled pork version. Ken Hom, in contrast, insisted that classic simplicity is the key, with a hint of teriyaki sauce the only nod to his Asian roots.

But if you really want chapter and verse on Club Sandwiches, ask a hotel chef. John Williams of The Ritz in London has seven on his menu – including this decadent lobster version.

As the series has gone on, so the horizons of Club Sandwich have been stretched. We’ve enjoyed a Russian Club, a Vietnamese Club, a Crab Club, a Caribbean Club and a Scandi Club. But in the end we had to return to the Club’s own roots: the USA. Southern-born chef Brad McDonald’s secret? Smoked Bologna – or baloney to its friends.

And what is the best Club Sandwich in the world? The quest goes on.