The First Wing is designed to create an exclusive journey through the airport for BA’s premium customers

Faster Flying

A new departure for First customers

The journey from kerbside to airside is about to become easier

From April next year, you – our most premium customers – will be able to walk from check-in directly into your lounge, thanks to the opening of British Airways’ exclusive new ‘First Wing’.

For ease of travel, the First Wing will be in the same location as the airline’s current First check-in area, at Zone J at Heathrow’s Terminal Five.

Work has already begun to transform it into a fully private and enhanced check-in area.

The First Wing will offer a dedicated walkway through two new security lanes and Fast Track entry.

Once through security, you will have access straight into British Airways’ Galleries First lounge and through to the airline’s flagship Concorde Room.

The First Wing is part of a joint investment between British Airways and Heathrow Airport, designed to create an exclusive journey through the airport for our premium customers, as well as improve general Fast Track entry through Terminal Five.

The new dedicated security lanes will also reduce the number of customers using the current South security channel, speeding up the journey for all customers, especially those travelling in Club World to make their way to the Club Galleries South lounge.

Troy Warfield, British Airways’ Director of Customer Experience, says: “Terminal Five is our flagship home and the First Wing will significantly improve the airport experience for our most premium customers.”