Mo Farah was a Gold medallist in the 5,000m and 10,000m at the London 2012 Olympics

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Home run: Mo Farah’s life in travel

Britain’s greatest long-distance runner takes time out to reveal what’s on his travel wishlist 

What are your three packing essentials?
Can I please have four? Headphones and an iPod are definites. I’m constantly flying around the world for training and racing, so I need tunes to relax. I run 120 miles every week, and without my Nike running shoes I’d injure myself quickly. And I also take my digital camera everywhere – it helps me remember the amazing places I visit.

Where is top of your travel bucket list?
There are so many places in the Caribbean I want to visit. Jamaica especially, for the food, beaches and culture. I’d stay somewhere like Montego Bay, or in the heart of Kingston. The music scene is meant to be incredible, and the snorkelling sites rival any in the world.

Who would be your dream travel companion?
The late, great Muhammad Ali. He was a constant inspiration to me. I was devastated when he passed away; I never had a chance to meet him. And as someone who also had to travel around the world because of his work, I think he would know all the best places to go. He would have friends on every continent.

Wish list: Mo is keen to see the stunning beaches of Rio de Janeiro

Where do you love going back to?
Home, which is Portland, Oregon. The hardest part of training isn’t the running, it’s being away from my family. I miss them every day and always look forward to coming back home so I can see them, and catch an Arsenal game!

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done on your travels?
I was on Necker Island in the Caribbean for a holiday. There are huge natural rock faces on the coast and I thought it would be a good idea to dive into the sea from the top of one of them – about 70 feet. Maybe a bit dangerous and silly, but a lot of fun.

Where’s your favourite place to run?
For competing and racing it has to be London. I have incredible support on my home turf. The crowd shouting your name pushes you further than you thought possible. The best moment of my career is still the London 2012 Olympics. I will never forget those memories, and how proud the UK was after the Games.

After the Olympics?
I’ve been so focused on training I haven’t even thought about a holiday. I love taking the family to Barbados – I think it might be the most peaceful place in the world. There’s something very special about it. It’s the best place to do absolutely nothing.