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Exclusive: Chris Evans and Matt Le Blanc name their top drives

New Top Gear presenters Chris Evans and Matt Le Blanc run through their top three most memorable drives, from experiencing a war-torn Mozambique to dodging cops in the San Fernando Valley


The D2 in Bordeaux

Chris: This is the main road that cuts through all the chateaux and runs up the left bank of the Loire Valley. You can do it all in about 90 minutes but we stopped off, had lunch in Chateau Pichon Baron and spent a couple of nights in the area. You can see all the famous vineyards like Chateau Margaux. It’s one of my all-time favourite drives.
Car of choice: Aston Martin DB5 Convertible

Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Chris: The people in this area have such strong accents I have no idea what they’re saying most of the time. Everyone I met seemed to be having a bad morning. Eventually I was told that it was because they’d been on the Guinness the night before. You drive past incredible beaches that are totally deserted, and if the weather is nice there’s nowhere better.
Car of choice: 1976 Rolls-Royce Corniche convertible


The M1 Mozambique/Malawi

Chris: I reported on the civil war in Mozambique and this was a brand-new road at the time. On one side you have Mozambique, on the other, Malawi. At that time Malawi was at peace, but Mozambique was war-torn. All the houses on one side were destroyed and on the other they were absolutely fine. You had paradise and devastation on either side of the road.
Car of choice: Land Rover Defender Adventurer  


The Dolomites, Italy

Matt: I once went through the Dolomites in a borrowed Lancia Aprilia. I drove it all through the mountains and through the Alps before heading down to Lake Como. We went along all the famous routes and passed through Stelvio Pass where the roads are like ribbon candy. It’s pretty tight. You really don’t want to make a mistake.
Car of choice: Lancia Aprilia

Crest Highway

Angeles Crest Highway, California

Matt: This road heads up through the northeast end of California’s San Fernando Valley. It really is like a racetrack and there’s a straightway that lasts for about four miles, where you can really enjoy the ride. Bike of choice: 2005 Ducati 999S
Bike of choice: 2005 Ducati 999S

Overseas Highway

Overseas Highway, Florida Keys

Chris: This is a great highway that links the islands all the way down to Key West. There’s bridge after bridge and they aren’t that high off the water, so it feels like you’re in a boat. The bridges are so long that it might not be the most exciting drive, but it has spectacular views.
Car of choice:  Any convertible